Sep 122011

I am obsessed with food.  Being Chinese American, food is first nature for me. My fondest recollections are all inexplicably intertwined with good food, fine wine and wonderful friends.

Leaving for Shanghai next Sunday; can’t wait to try authentic soup dumplings in Shanghai, China. I ate them for the first time at Joe’s Shanghai in mid-town Manhattan back in May at the recommendation of multiple Haole friends. 

Soup Dumpling from Shanghai restaurant

Shanghai Soup Dumpling

My Shanghainese BFF, Grace and her husband Miguel, a New York native and I had never been to Joe’s Shanghai.  I started with a tasty lichee martini at the bar while I waited for them to arrive.

What is a Shanghai soup dumpling? It’s the Asian version of soup and a sandwich in one hot package.  Delectable juicy pouches filled with pork, cabbage and an incredible tasty hot broth.  Steamed, then pan-fried, they are crispy and juicy at the same time.   

How to eat a Shanghai soup dumpling: if you’ve never eaten one before, they can be a little tricky.  Some people use straws, some bite off the top and suck the soup out.  Novice soup dumpling eaters may try to eat the entire pouch in one bite.  This can result in an unpleasant mouth-scalding experience.  To eat the dumpling with assurance, hold it between two chopsticks over a rice bowl.  That way, if it leaks, you still can savor the soup.